Have you heard what the BUZZ is all about? We have brand new buzz-worthy ingredients. You can now try out our delicious TUNA POKE, mouth-watering BEET POKE, or savory MOJO SHRIMP BOWL!

Each bowl is made with fresh, gluten-free ingredients! Our tuna poke is made with sweet pieces of marinated tuna that make the perfect addition to any buzz bowl! Looking to add more nutrients to your bowl? Our beet poke is packed with omega 3 fats, nutrient-rich vegetables, and minimal calories! It’s the perfect way to nourish your body! Want a savory protein? Try our delicious mojo shrimp bowl! It’s made with whole-grain brown rice, mojo shrimp, smoky white beans, garlic roasted broccoli, potatoes, and roasted pepper sauce! Sounds good right? It’s BEEyond delicious!

We make sure you get the BEEst at Beehive kitchen! Order it now!