There’s nothing like spending time with family & friends and eating gluten-free at the comfort of your own home. Introducing our buzzworthy Family Meals at all of our Beehive Kitchen locations. Our Family Meals packages include the following nutrient-rich ingredients:  1 base, 2 veggies, 1 protein, 1 sauce and 1 add-on, serving 4-6 individuals. Looking to add more to the table? No worries we’ve got you covered, add premium gluten-free proteins such as marinated steak or chilled marinated shrimp for an additional charge. Or simply add premium additions, guacamole or tomatoes, for an up-charge as well. Feed the family the Beehive way and make your next meal prep, family get together or small group gathering a remarkable one. 

Share the BEEautiful moments with loved ones with Beehive Kitchen’s Family Meals! Available for pickup, takeout and on third-party delivery platforms.